Air Conditioning Servicing: What Are The Telltale Signs You Need It?

Your air conditioning is essential in enhancing the comfort of your home by cooling it as needed, especially during hot weather. Nevertheless, heavy usage and neglecting maintenance can lead to the development of various problems that would impede its ability to function optimally. In order to ensure that these problems do not become exacerbated to the point your Ac malfunctions, it would be crucial to spot the symptoms posthaste. Knowing that your air conditioning requires servicing gives you the chance to have the HVAC contractor diagnose and remedy the problem while it is still minor. So what are the telltale signs that you require air conditioning servicing?

Weakened airflow

If you have a centralised air conditioning system, you should be able to feel the cool air being transmitted through ducts by simply placing your hand in close proximity to the vents. If you begin to find that the airflow is weaker than normal, chances are there is a problem in the system. One of the most common culprits for weakened airflow is a damaged blower fan, which would make it difficult to circulate air effectively. However, you may also be experiencing weakened airflow if the ductwork has developed blockages, if your coolant levels have depleted or if your ductwork is dirty. In some cases, weakened airflow may be accompanied with warm air, which would indicate your air conditioning system has lost its ability to cool the air that it is circulating. It would be important to hire HVAC contractors to determine the cause so they can restore the cooling capacity of the system.

Weird noises and odours

If you begin to hear any strange noises or smell weird odours emanating from the system, this should be a cause for alarm. To begin with, strange noises are usually a sign of mechanical failure within the air conditioning system. This could mean that some components have come loose, leading to them clanking and rubbing against each other. On the other hand, the noises can be caused by damaged parts, which means they would have to be replaced before they cause damage to other components.

If you notice weird smells from your air conditioning system, they could be caused by two main reasons. The first would be an electrical problem within the system, leading to sparks or electrical fires that would cause a burning odour to waft through the system. The second reason could be the development of mould in your system and the dispersal of the fungal spores would cause unusual smells coming out of your unit. Whatever the reason, it is crucial to turn off the system and have any weird smells or noises addressed as soon as possible. This is because they could mean larger underlying problems for your system.