Air conditioning maintenance and early repairs improve the life of your AC

The air conditioning unit is one of those items that we always expect to work when we need it to. A broken down AC can be very inconveniencing for the home or business. In order to avoid the burden and stress that can be caused by a broken AC, it is important to implement the right air conditioning maintenance strategy.

Air conditioning maintenance involves taking constant care of your AC unit, and fixing it whenever you experience warning signs of a potential breakdown. With a proper maintenance strategy, you can keep your AC unit working for longer.

How to tell when it's time for air conditioning maintenance

As opposed to other appliances, AC units often give off warning signs when they're in need of maintenance. Some of these signs include:

High utility bills

Are you noticing higher than usual utility bills? This could indicate that your AC is in need of maintenance. In many cases, clogged filters and air ducts can cause the unit to blow hot instead of cold air. This causes the temperature within your home to rise, thus keeping the AC unit running for long periods of time.

In addition, a damaged compressor can cause the unit to be unable to generate cool air. These problems can lead to a spike in your utility bill until the AC unit is fixed.

A Noisy AC

If your air conditioning unit produces constant noises such as grinding, squealing and banging, it is most likely in need of maintenance. A noisy unit indicates a broken belt, bearings or a lack of lubrication of internal components.

In some cases, a loose part within the unit (such as the piston, crankshaft, or connecting rod) can fall off and cause the unit to jam. Noisy air conditioning units should be repaired as quickly as possible.

  What does air conditioning maintenance involve?

If you detect problems with your AC, it is important to seek maintenance services before the unit permanently breaks down. Early maintenance can prevent you from incurring high repair/replacement costs. Maintenance services involve:

Cleaning the condenser coil: the condenser is responsible for generating cool air that circulates within your home. It should be regularly cleaned from debris and other foreign objects.

Replacing the fan: the blades of the fan can get bent or corroded over time. They should be replaced to allow for proper air circulation.

Changing filters: clogged filters prevent the smooth flow of air and can affect performance. Proper maintenance involves regularly changing the filters and removing dirt particles from accumulating inside the unit.

The secret of an AC's long life lies in its owner's maintenance practices. So, get in touch with a company that offer air conditioning repairs. Letting the unit to continue working with the faulty parts only worsens the condition. Which