Have an Air Conditioning Problem This Summer? Here's Why That's Bad News for Your Heater, Too.

Whilst your heater and air conditioner do quite opposite things in your home, they're actually much more alike than you may know. In the majority of homes built in recent years — and in homes that had an HVAC system replacement recently — the air conditioner and heater both work by using the same in-home equipment. This means that if you've noticed a problem with your air conditioner this summer and spring, you can expect to also have a problem with your heater coming up in June. Read on to learn why this is the case. 

What Air Conditioners and Heaters Share

As mentioned above, most newer homes have a forced air distribution system in which the air conditioner and heater share components. Those components are:

The motor: because the air conditioner and heater use the same motor to power the other components, a failed motor means you'll have neither air conditioning nor heat until it's repaired.

The ducts: ducts are the delivery method for the heat and air. Today, the majority of homes have a complete duct system to deliver heated and cooled air all through the home. Clogged ducts mean that the air can't get into the home properly. As a result, heating and cooling efficiency may decrease and the home may be less comfortable until they're cleaned.

The blower: the blower is the component that pushes the air into the ducts. Blower failure means that the air never gets out into your home.

Problems with any of the above components could cause a failure of both the air conditioner and the heater. Your technician can do the necessary repairs to ensure that you're comfortable in both the summer and winter months. 

When the Problem is Only the Air Conditioner

If you're experiencing air conditioner issues, your technician will typically check the forced air distribution indoor components straight away. The problem can often be resolved with a repair of one of these components — and this means that your heater will work this winter, as well.

However, there are cases where the outdoor component of the air conditioner — the condenser — can cause the issue. If this is the case, it's still important to get it repaired straight away. Leaving a poorly functioning condenser in place can eventually take a toll on the other components of your HVAC system, and that means the indoor components shared by the heater could also be in jeopardy if you don't attend to the condenser.

Your heater and air conditioner both need clean and properly functioning components to work. Since they share most of these components, it's actually easier than ever to deal with problems. Keep your air conditioner happy and your heater will follow!