Essential Cool Room Maintenance to Ensure Its Stays Up and Running

Cool room installation, granted, is a costly endeavour. Therefore, protecting it is critical for the sake of its longevity as well as keeping your medicine, food and other perishable items in good condition. Nonetheless, not many business owners know how to provide the best care for their cool room and assume all that is required is keeping this space clean. Here is a list of essential cool room maintenance tips to ensure that it stays up and running.

Keep a periodic log of the cool room's temperature

The simplest maintenance measure you can perform for your cool room is regularly recording its temperature. This log should be taken at the same time daily so you can have comprehensive data about the temperature settings. A cool room that is functioning at optimum will maintain relatively the same degree of cold for the duration of the log. The moment that you start to notice a deviation from the average temperature, it is a red flag of an undetected problem that needs to be addressed before it affects the functioning of the cool room. A professional technician can assess the components of the cool room, determine what is causing the fluctuating temperatures, and prevent the chance of losing your perishables.

Keep the cool room stocked

One surprising fact about cool rooms that you may not know is that they are at peak performance when they are fully stocked. A mistake some business owners make is presuming that they can replace their stock intermittently and this will not have an effect on their cool room. However, when the cool room is not adequately stocked, it progressively loses its ability to chill the perishables uniformly. Thus, to avoid some of your food from spoiling, you should have the cool room sufficiently stocked. Take note, though, that an overstocked cool room can also pose a problem, as you will be overworking the refrigeration unit.

Keep the cool room clean

Keeping the cool room clean may sound like an easy maintenance measure, but it is not just about wiping down spillages. Instead, you should hire professional technicians to provide a thorough cleaning of the components so that the various parts do not overheat. Firstly, cleaning of the condenser coils should be done periodically as dust, and other particles eventually accumulate on their surface. The dirtier these coils are, the harder the cool room has to work to keep your perishables at a specific temperature. Secondly, have the technicians clean out the motor and blades to prevent grime from impeding their function.