Warning Signs Indicating Your HVAC System Needs an Electrical Contractor

One of the signs of looming damage to an HVAC system that every homeowner should be vigilant about is electrical trouble. Electrical issues with your HVAC system do not only pose the threat of irreparable damage but they could also lead to a fire hazard that could cause injury and property loss. To keep your household and air conditioning system safe, here are some warning signs indicating that your HVAC system needs an electrical contractor.

Burning odours

One of the glaring blatant clues of electrical trouble with your air conditioning system is burning odours emanating from the system. The burning smell could indicate a few things. The first reason behind the problem could be the air conditioning system is overheating. If addressed immediately, you have a chance of saving the components from burning altogether, so it is crucial to call an electrical contractor as soon as possible. The second reason behind the electrical odours could mean that the wiring is on fire. Bear in mind that you should never investigate the problem on your own. Instead, turn off the system from the socket and wait for an electrical contractor to determine the source of the burning and fix the cause before you use the HVAC system again.

Short cycling

Short cycling can be taken for granted by some people since they assume it will resolve on its own. However, it will not. When your HVAC system starts to turn off and back on by its own, it is a signal that the system is overheating. When the air conditioning system becomes too hot, it shuts itself off and then will start up spontaneously. While a dirty compressor or low refrigerant can cause short cycling, this problem can also arise due to defective wiring. Additionally, if the HVAC's capacitator damages, the system will start to short cycle too. It is advisable to hire an electrical contractor to investigate if the cause of the short cycling stems from electrical problems so that they can restore your HVAC system back to functionality.

Buzzing sounds

Another signal of electrical issues with your air conditioning system is unexplainable buzzing noises. One of the reasons why the buzzing sound can start is because the compressor is in decline. If the compressor becomes irreparably damaged, you may have to buy a new HVAC system altogether since the component is quite expensive. The second reason why you may hear buzzing noises from your air conditioning system is if there is electrical arcing, which means the current is jumping through circuitry. Buzzing sounds should have you turning off the system until an electrical contractor inspects and fixes it.