Ductless Mini-Spilt Issues That Should Have You Seek Immediate Air Conditioning Repairs

Ductless mini-split systems are steadily becoming the top choice for homeowners replacing their residential air conditioning systems for several reasons. Firstly, the ductless mini-split variety allows for effortless zoning and this helps with ensuring energy efficiency in your home because the AC is only turned on where it is needed.

Secondly, due to the zoning and subsequent energy efficiency, you get to enjoy reduced heating and cooling bills, more so during the months that experience severe weather changes. Lastly, the inaudible operation of these types of air conditioning systems ensures quiet in your home. Nevertheless, ductless mini-split systems will develop operational problems on occasion. The following are two ductless mini-split issues that should have you seek immediate air conditioning repairs.

The blower has malfunctioned

As the name implies, the blower functions to blow air out of your ductless mini-split. Thus, if this component has malfunctioned, you immediately notice a lack of cooling from the air conditioning system. However, some homeowners may think that since the weather is cool, then they do not have to repair the blower soon but this is incorrect.

When the blower is defective, it poses the threat of the evaporator coil inside the system to freeze, as cold air is not being redirected away from the unit. A frozen evaporator coil, subsequently, impedes the flow of refrigerant through the ductless mini-split and this will eventually lead to irreparable problems with the AC system. Therefore, the moment that you notice your ductless mini-split is not producing cool air as normal, you should seek repairs to establish if the underlying cause is a malfunctioned blower.

The condensate drain line is blocked

All residential air conditioning systems will produce condensation when heating or cooling your home. For that reason, they are outfitted with a condensate pan and a condensate drain line to eliminate the excess moisture. A ductless mini-split system will also produce condensation but the component that is tasked with eliminating it, which is the condensate drain line, runs through the wall the unit is installed on to the exterior of the house.

If HVAC contractors do not professionally clean the unit regularly, there is the likelihood of mould forming inside the drain line. In addition to this, bacteria and other contaminants can collect in the line, hic eventually had to a blockage. Over time, you begin to notice unusual water stains on the walls that could progressively lead to water damage in the wall and the floors. If one of the ductless mini-split units is leaking, you should turn off the system and have HVAC contractors determine if the condensate drain line is blocked.