Reasons Why a Bigger and More Powerful AC Is Not Better

Bigger is better. This is one of the biggest air conditioning myths of all time. The truth, however, is that a bigger and more powerful AC unit is not always better. Sizing your system just right is one of the most important ways to ensure that you get to enjoy optimal air conditioning. 

Should you end up installing a bigger and more powerful air conditioning unit than you need, here is what you can expect.

Higher Upfront Costs and Electricity Bills

The price of air conditioning units varies according to different factors, including the size of the unit. You will spend more money buying the big unit than you would have spent if you bought an AC unit that is correctly sized to suit your needs.

Your air conditioning unit will consume more power than other appliances and devices. Seeing as how the unit will significantly contribute to your monthly electricity bill, you must choose the right one to help keep down the bill.

Apart from the type, star rating, and location of the air conditioner, the size of the unit greatly influences how much power it consumes. A higher ton unit, even when not working at full capacity, will consume more power.

Higher Maintenance Costs and Higher Levels of Humidity

A high ton air conditioning unit will be able to cool your spaces within much faster, and, as such, you can expect the unit to turn on and off many times. With this constant on-and-off cycle, your AC unit is more susceptible to premature wear and tear. You may, therefore, have to spend quite a bit on maintenance.

In addition to removing heat, your air conditioning system cools your spaces by removing moisture. Given the shorter run cycles you can expect from powerful AC units, the time your unit runs may not be long enough to remove much of the moisture from your air. As a result, you may have to contend with air that is a little stale.

Get Professional Help

The size, insulation and orientation of the space to be cooled by the air conditioner will influence the size to choose. The location of your home or business also matters. An experienced HVAC expert understands and factors all these elements when sizing your unit.

Avoid going for an air conditioning that is bigger and more powerful than you need, and you can look forward to optimal performance as well as saving on both upfront and running costs. Talk with a professional about air conditioning to learn more.