Benefits of Installing Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

You might put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful and appealing home, but if you're sweltering inside during the summer, you'll not be able to enjoy being in the space. That's why it's essential to focus on creating a comfortable indoor environment. One way to achieve this is with ducted air conditioning. Consider the following benefits.

Discreet and Minimal

Air conditioning makes a home more comfortable, but the units aren't typically a design highlight in their own right. Ducted systems efficiently cool your home while remaining discreet and minimal. Rather than large machines that protrude from your walls or ceilings, creating an eyesore, slight ducts are almost invisible. Thus you can decorate your rooms without worrying about chunky bits of machinery that ruin the ambience.

Zoning Control

Not everyone has the same idea of what constitutes a comfortable temperature. If an entire home is cooled to the same degree, you'll likely have some members who are freezing in jumpers while others are sweating while wearing a t-shirt. Zoning control in ducted systems allows you to personalise the environment in different rooms. Thus, one bedroom could be colder than other, catering to different preferences. If the unit is a reverse cycle, you can similarly customise the spread of heat in the wintertime. By making everyone happy, you'll probably experience fewer fights and disagreements over temperatures controls.

Energy Savings

This zoning-control capacity not only makes everyone's life easier, but it also allows you to be thoughtful in how you cool different areas. In the long run, you'll save money. For example, you might have a guest room that's empty most of the time, in which case, you can lower or turn off the cooling in that area. If a home office is occupied for most of the day, then you could focus your efforts mainly in that room. In this way, you can use energy efficiently and cut out wastage. Lower energy needs will typically help the environment, translating to fewer harmful greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere.


Ducted systems consist of a central unit, sometimes set within the roof cavity, and a network of ducts that carry refreshing, cool air to all parts of your home. The machinations are thus situated well away from the rooms below. Therefore, you won't have units plastered across the walls that create distracting and annoying noise, causing you to turn up the TV or shout when speaking.