Two situations in which ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a great choice

If you need to choose a new HVAC system and are in one of these situations, you should consider opting for a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system.

Your home is very small

If your home is small, then your HVAC contractor will probably tell you that this reverse cycle system will be more suitable than a standard ducted air conditioning system or a split system. The reason for this is that in a small home, the units that a split system is comprised of can be both an aesthetic and functional hindrance. For example, if you have limited wall space, a bulky unit attached to one wall will not only be very noticeable but will mean there will be less room for hanging pictures, mirrors and wall tapestries.

In contrast, because the ducts in a ducted reverse cycle system that deliver its cold and hot air are inside the walls, the only parts of this system that would be visible in your home would be the vents, which are not only smaller than split system wall units but are also usually flush with the walls, which means they won't use up space by protruding outward.

Furthermore, because this reverse cycle system can generate hot air as well as cold, you won't have to have radiators in any of your home's rooms; this, too, will create more free space and mean that your furniture layouts won't be affected by the location of each room's bulky radiator.

The weather in your area is very changeable

If the weather in your area is very changeable and it often goes from warm to chilly in a matter of minutes, you'll probably find this reverse cycle system useful. The reason for this is that, as mentioned, this system can both warm and cool a building. As such, if you get this system, you'll be able to quickly switch from warming your home to cooling it down (or vice versa) whenever the weather suddenly changes by pressing a few buttons on your system's control panel.

In contrast, if you had an HVAC contractor fit a standard ducted or split system air conditioner that didn't have any inbuilt heating function, you would have to not only have a separate heating system installed (and, therefore, have maintenance and repairs done on two systems, rather than one) but would have to change the settings on both the heating system and the air conditioner every time the weather changed. In an area where the temperatures change quite abruptly on a regular basis, this could get tiresome.