Considerations When Choosing An Electrician

When hiring electrical contractors, most people rely on internet searches and referrals. However, it is wise to conduct background checks on the electrician to ensure they have the expertise needed to complete the proposed electrical work. The article below proposes an assessment criterion to help you choose an electrician. 

Examine The Electrician's Licencing 

As a consumer, you should enlighten yourself with the various classes of electrical licences. This way, you are well aware of the work the electrician is permitted to perform. For instance, an electrical mechanic licence allows the professional to install overhead power lines, conduct electrical wiring in your home and repair electrical equipment. On the other hand, an electrical fitter licence enables the professional to repair motors, switchboards and electrical equipment. Electricians with a restricted electrical work licence can only conduct electrical work associated with a particular trade. For instance, an HVAC installer, locksmith or plumber could be allowed to perform electrical work related to their profession. 

Check the Professional's Certifications

Ask the electrician if they are certified by a professional body. Certification is an assessment that tests the electrician's professionalism and expertise. Usually, one is certified after gaining experience in the field and undergoing specific tests. A certified electrician pulls all stops to ensure high-quality work since they would not want to lose their certifications. Moreover, the certifying body can impose sanctions on the electrician if they are found guilty of misconduct while working on a client's premises. 

Insist on Insurance Coverage

Electrical repair and maintenance work poses a wide range of risks. If an electrician, their apprentice, or employee was electrocuted when working on your property, they could file a personal injury claim against you. To avoid such incidences, ensure your electrician has adequate insurance coverage. Besides personal injury, the cover compensates you for property loss caused by the electrician's negligence. For instance, take a case where your house caught fire due to poor wiring. 

Assess the Pricing 

If you are confident in the electrician's skills and professionalism, inquire about their pricing. Most electricians have a straightforward pricing strategy. For instance, they could charge piecework or per hour. Although the electrician can give an over-the-phone quote, they conduct thorough assessments when they arrive in your home to assess whether the property needs additional work. For instance, if you want the electrician to rewire the house, they could find that you need new switchboards and fuse boxes. The electrician informs you of these additions before commencing repairs. 

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