AC Investigations | Play Cooling Detective To Diagnose 3 Likely Triggers Of A Lethargic Fan In Your Timeworn AC

Your AC unit is crucial for retaining a comfortable indoor environment when the temperatures soar outside. The summer season between November and March ranges from 30 to 50 degrees Celsius in Australia, making it uncomfortable without proper cooling. When your AC gets older, several factors could cause the fans to become lethargic, which negatively impacts cooling performance. Turn into a cooling detective and investigate these likely triggers of lethargic fans. Get air conditioning repairs immediately to avoid irreversible damage.

Cooling Systems | 3 Strategies To Position Indoor And Outdoor Units During AC Installations In Living Rooms

If you're preparing to invest in cooling system installation, then you need to consider certain factors like room size and insulation before finalising the unit capacity you need. Once you finalise the air conditioning capacity for your room, you need to position the indoor and outdoor units smartly to maximise value. This guide helps you with strategies to position the indoor and outdoor units during cooling system installation in your living room.

How to Choose a New Furnace For Your Home

A new furnace is an investment in your home that you should be happy with for years to come, but unfortunately some homeowners simply opt for the cheapest or the largest furnace, thinking they can save money with a cheap furnace or that a bigger furnace will be better for their home. Before you buy a new furnace, note a few tips for choosing the right model for your home.

A Few Surprising Signs That Your Ducted Heating System Needs Maintenance

It's good to have your furnace and the ducts in your home inspected regularly; usually this means every year, but you can check the owner's manual of your particular furnace to note when the manufacturer recommends it in your case. However, between those inspections you might want to check for signs that your furnace is leaking or that your home's ductwork needs repair or maintenance. Note that your furnace doesn't need to quit altogether or only blow out cold air to need some attention, so consider a few surprising signs that it may be time to call a contractor.

Portable AC Versus Min Ductless Unit: Which Is Better for Your Tiny Home

If you want to add an AC to your tiny home, you have a few different options. Two of the smallest and most convenient options you may want to consider, however, are portable ACs and ductless mini split systems. Here's a look at how these two types of systems measure up in different categories: Power Consumption If you opt for a mini ductless system, you will have to have a professional wire in the AC for you.